Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An “Open Music Platform”

Sorry, that just sounds like marketing speak for “We are not going to provide music downloads for you”.

What am I talking about? Read this.

One of the things that has made iAnythings so popular is iTunes. It’s a one stop shop for Apps, Videos AND MUSIC. The iWantItNow generation don’t go to the music shop to buy CDs, take it home, rip it (is that even legal?) and then sync to their iDevice. Nope, they login to iTunes, download it and sync. 5 Minutes max to get the music they want.

With Windows Phone 7, we will have a useful tool called Zune. This works with the Zune marketplace and in the US, most of Europe and a whole heap of other countries, it will be the perfect replacement for iTunes. In Australia, we can only download Videos, not Music. In fact, in Australia we can’t use most online music stores due to the fact that we are not in the United States..

The answer is actually pretty simple.. Buy your music through iTunes then use the Zune software to sync with your phone.. But this isn’t as easy as it should be. Another option is to trick Zune into thinking your in the US, but that’s just not right is it..

Anyway, please don’t treat people in Australia with such contempt by telling us about Open Music Platforms. That’s just a nice way of saying “You don’t get it, suck it up”.

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