Thursday, March 27, 2008

WM6 Daylight Savings Update

Just read this over on Rog42 about the update for WM6 daylight savings settings.. Anyway, there are a few links for both the MSI and CAB updates. The MSI is to updated from a PC and the CAB directly from your Mobile Device.

Anyway, short story is I'm at work and can't connect m phone to my PC, so I'm stuck with the CAB update.. So it was off to to shorten that ghastly download link. This made it heaps easier on my phone. For anybody else who needs it, should do the job nicely :)

Happy Updating...

Apple Pushing Safari

So, last night I got home and turned on my computer. Just wanting to kick back and do a bit of reading that I didn't manage to finish at work. Within a minute of turning on my computer, the apple updater popped up. The apple updater?? Yep, It got installed along with iTunes for my daughter's IPod.

Anyway, when I thought it I first thought to myself, cool, a new iTunes update. This must be good.. I was just glad I took the time out to read what the update was... It was Safari 3.1... WTF?? I don't want Safari 3.1... I have a browser that I use and am very happy with. Why would I want another vendors browser pushed on my just because my daughter has an iPod...

Anyway, it only took me around a minute to work out how to block the download, but it really left me thinking.. How many people will accidental end up downloading safari (there are lots of iTunes users out there..).. And more importantly, once it's downloaded, does it install and set itself as the default??

If the answer to this is yes, is this possibly an example of a company using it's dominance in a market (music) to work it's way into another market?? Possibly.. It's not the first time it's been done...

Either way, I'm going to be interested to see how many windows users will be running safari 3.1 in the near future..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Misinformation in the Media

As a kid, I used to sit in front of the TV and watch the news, or even pick up a news paper and read an article or two. I was taught at school that this information should be used to keep up to date with current affairs and the likes.

Unfortunately, like most people, there is a point in your life when you start to realise that the information provided in these mediums is far from accurate. It's not that they go out of their way to lie, it's more that the people reporting may accidentally forget to include something in their articles.

Yet another example of this appeared today in The Age. Basically, the article is about a "Security Specialist" who found a "security hole" in windows, and Microsoft did nothing to fix it. The truth of the matter is that it's a flaw in the Firewire specification which can be used to exploit any OS that has support for Firewire. In fact, the flaw is actually a "Feature" that allows connected firewire devices to access (read/write) directly to system memory. This can be used to do anything on a running computer you can possibly think of. The only limit is the attackers imagination.

I'm not sure that this omission was completely deliberate, it's probably more just a case of the author not actually knowing any better, which really begs the question about why they are in that job in the first place. In this case, they are probably there because they follow the current trends in the technology media. Bag out Microsoft, and Rave about Apple.

My real question is, how long is it going to take before someone finally gets fed up with this sort of Misinformation and actually does something about it. At the end of the day, companies need to rely on their image in the community, and when the media continually effects the image of a single company, there is only so much those companies will take..