Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I’ve just been having a conversation with a college, and something very interesting popped up. It’s something that has been hinted at a bit through a few channels of late, but wasn’t until this conversation that I actually realised how bad it’s been.

The conversation was about Windows Phones. I have a HTC Mozart, which I flashed all around the office when I got it. The problem is, that nobody else around here has heard much about Windows Phone 7. Nada, not a peep. Now, being in the Microsoft space, I get bombarded with advertisement for all things Microsoft, but the conversation I had delved deeper into Microsoft Technology. We talked about Windows 7, IE9, Live Essentials, Security Essentials, Windows Phone, Silverlight etc but everything came back to the same “Really”.. The person I was talking to has not seen (or remembered) the smallest bit of advertising related to ANY of the newest things coming out of Microsoft.. Nothing, nada, zilch..

This person doesn’t hide in a closet, he’s out playing with Android Phones, Linux, anything that you can possibly imagine a geek playing with. Despite his love for tech, none of the Microsoft Advertising has made it his way… He’s seen Apple advertising, he’s seen ads on TV for Android based phones, Junk Mail with full pages dedicated to android etc.. But where is the Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft have really turned the corner with the last wave of releases, their software if looking nicer, working better, and all round just awesome. Yet despite this, Microsoft just haven’t had a chance to capitalise. Being good is one thing, but you also have to make sure everybody knows it..

I think this is part of what’s killing technology such as Silverlight and WPF.. Microsoft just aren’t pushing them… With a small bit more work, they can become very compelling products, but what they really need is more advertising dollars thrown at them.