Thursday, September 09, 2010

Datagrids Oh my..

I’m just going to lay this out there.. Datagrids are the bane of my existence.

Ever since I started in IT, I’ve had the fun job of fixing issues in applications that insist on using Datagrids as edit controls. Datagrids are great tools for displaying information and for selecting data, but they are USLESS for editing.

Use a master/detail layout, or even a popup edit window.. Do something else.. BUT please don’t use datagrids for editing.

When WPF first shipped, did you notice that it DIDN’T have a datagrid? Did anybody stop to think that maybe this was a good thing?? Nope, everybody complained.. “WE NEED A DATAGRID”..

WPF shipped with a ListView and a ListBox. These were fine for displaying data and data selection. WPF also shipped with some really great edit controls.. These edit controls should be used for their intended purpose. You guessed it.. Editing data..

Please, stop the datagrid abuse. 

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