Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Sad Day

Well, today’s the day. The official launch of the IE9 Beta, and it’s made me sad. I’m not sad because of what IE9 is. IE9 looks to be an absolutely awesome browser, much faster than previous version, possibly more secure and a hell of a lot sexier.

I’m sad because like may other people out there, I spend a large amount of time sitting in a Corporate environment that is still sitting years behind. Yep, I’m still on Windows XP. This limits me to IE8, or one of the many other browsers out there.

At home, I’ve already installed IE9 beta, and I have to say that my initial impressions are pretty good.. What can I say, I’m not particularly fussy about my browser, I just want it too work. IE9 Beta seems to fit that so far and has a few features that I’m pretty excited about. Pinning Web Pages and having them almost feel like an extension of the desktop is amazing. It’s just not the sort of amazing that I can experience at work.

I think for now, my Netbook

with wireless internet access is going to be how my web browsing is done from work. It’s just going to be separate from the corporate network.

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