Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google and the Linux desktop… Oh please…

People have been jumping up and down in the vein hope that Google will move into the desktop space. I’ve heard this discussion before, yet here it is again.

It’s an interesting idea. Start by slowly working around vendor lock in, to position yourself with an end too end replacement for existing infrastructure then BAM, put out an OS too free the people.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people seem too be forgetting a few simple facts. The most important of these is the business that Google is. Google runs a search engine. But, Google the company is in the business of Advertising. Yep, that’s right, providing the ability too search is just a way to bring people in too view advertisements.

Google docs, Gmail and Google Calendar are all the same. Provide a service too bring people in, then serve up some ads. That’s the business Google is in.

All of the articles/discussions I’ve read about Google on the Desktop have all talked about some sort of Linux Distribution. Great, it could be cool. But Google will still want their advertising cake. Are they going to modify their own Linux distribution too include built in advertising? Are they going too remove the popular email clients, calendaring applications and office applications in order too force users too continue using their online, advertising supported applications?

The answer too this is clearly no. Google will not give up their revenue stream.

I think a more likely scenario is a Web Based desktop. Something that keeps users away from the PC based desktop, and all PC based desktop apps, and keep the users working in the Advertising based world that Google is clearly the king.

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