Monday, February 09, 2009

A new phone, and an interesting system

Well, over the weekend I finally took the plunge. I said goodbye to my trusty old JasJam and got myself a HTC Touch Pro.

Along with this new phone, I also changed my telco. I had been with my previous telco for over 11 years, and in general hadn’t had any major issues. That was until I started looking at the Touch Pro. See, the Touch Pro was released exclusively to a single provider here in Oz for 3 months. That 3 month period started back in October last year. Fast forward 4 months, and the phone is still only available at one telco.

I contacted my previous telco, through several different methods, via phone, email and in person at their stores. Unfortunately, this is where things started too turn for me. I couldn’t get an answer about this phone. I got everything from “Would you like to just get another phone” to “What’s a Touch Pro”. This really struck me as strange. Nobody seemed to know anything, not their sales people, not their customer support, nobody. Any company that can’t answer a simple question about product availability has some serious problems.

Anyway, back too the new telco. So far I’m reasonable happy, but one thing did strike me as odd. See, as usual, the telco had to do a “credit check”. But the format of the credit check was by far the most interesting I’ve seen. It involved a few quick questions:

  • Are you employed
  • How long have you been employed
  • What type of employment

From this, they managed to approve me for 3 services. So, I could pick up 3 phones on plans. Wow, that’s great.. The problem is, the system in no way took into account my income, the plans I was going to get, the monthly repayments or even my other commitments. I even confirmed this with the customer representative, I could get 3 brand new phones, all on $200 plans..

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