Tuesday, April 07, 2009

National Broadband Network

Wow, it’s been months.. no, years since this process started. Finally today we got the announcement we were all waiting for. Who is going to build the NBN?? Who won, who can provide the best service??

Well, it turns out that nobody was a winner. The government has cancelled the request for tender process and has decided to go it alone.

So, the plan?? A new Government owned business, who will implement a new network, implemented over the next 8 years. $4.7 billion of initial capital, but the plan is for a total of $43 billion for the full 8 years..

Personally, I think this is a very interesting result. The NBN along with Voice over IP, the Social Internet and Mobile communications will effectively make Telstra’s existing infrastructure obsolete… I guess we will see soon what Telstra plans to do. Will they build a competing network?? Lower prices so they can actually compete?? I do hope this move brings competition to the market, and that the Governments moves will produce a workable/usable network.

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