Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annual Noise Cleanout

Well, it’s that time again, yep, I’m cleaning out my list of blogs, twitter friends and every other bit of noise that I find is just not providing any use.

Unfortunately, while examining what I’m currently subscribed too, I noticed something that was a little disturbing. Once, a long time ago, I had most of the MS Oz PDE team in my feed, as of today, I’m down too one.

I used too find the information coming out of this group extremely useful. In particular, Information about Dev tools, events and new technologies. I’ve found over time, these blogs have reduced to general noise about peoples lives, or have just plain gone quiet. They no longer serve the purpose I had subscribed to them for.

This isn’t the only group I’ve cleared out, but it’s certainly one of the most disappointing ones. On the bright side, over the last year, I have picked up a number of feeds from overseas that have replaced the ones I’m now removing.


1 comment:

Grant said...

I hope you didn't clear out me Eddie - I still show you the love.