Thursday, June 05, 2008

Save XP???

Ok, so, I thought I'd put up a post for something that has been bugging me a whole lot lately. And that is the immaturity of some people out there. Just today I read (where else but slashdot, the whole thing seems to have started with neowin) about Microsoft asking people to stop calling their customer support requesting an extension to Windows XP availability and support. This really got to me on a few different levels.

First up, it's just making life difficult for people who really need to use the support lines, yet these people who have XP running fine on their machines are happy to push their own agendas at the cost of others.

Next up is this. If I wanted to go out and by a brand new 2001 Mitsubishi Magna.. Guess what? I can't.. Why, it's discontinued.. It's a business decision they made to not make it any more. Do Mitsubishi still make enhancements to the Magna.. Nah ah... Are they under warranty anymore.. Nope.. This is not just unique software and cars either. Try it with nearly any industry. Power tools, sports equipment (yep, new golf club models every year!!), clothes, phones, TVs, Stereos, iPods.

Every business tries to moves forward. Sometimes products are successful, sometimes new products are failures. Now, as I've said before, I'm very happy with vista and office 2007 (though there are a few things i'd prefer were a little different..) but at the end of the day, Vista is the successor of XP which had a remarkably long shelf life compared to many other things in I.T. and in this case, much longer than the type of support you get in nearly any industry...

Anyway, back to my original point. Grow Up!! If you don't like it, use Mac, Linux whatever.. Just grow up...

That's my 2c for the day :)

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