Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another year of poor coverage

Living in a Canberra sure has some problems. One of the biggest problems is the AFL coverage. Channel 9 have the rights to the AFL with foxtel picking up the remainder of the games. The problem is that Channel 9 also have the rights to the Rugby League, which is always shown in preference to the AFL.
Tonight, the Saints take on Westcoast in the first game of the season. Unfortunately, channel 9 have decided to hold off the coverage until midnight so they can show the footy show..

No problems, I have foxtel.. I can just watch it there.. Nope.. it's not being shown until 11:30pm.
Turns out, Fox Footy is showing the game from 9:30 in NSW, QLD, SA, WA, yet ACT misses out...
Anyway, that's the end of my rant.. I can't wait until next year to see how much better the Channel 7/10 consortium do with their coverage...


frank arrigo said...

im just settling down to watch the game on foxfooty.

i am not hopeful that the new tv deal will be any better

Anonymous said...


The problem here actually lies with Foxtel.

They have chosen to group Victoria, ACT, NT and Tas together for their broadcasting.

So, for example, tonight (Monday 3 April), the COllingwood v Crows game is being broadcast live to NSW but is on at 10.30pm in the ACT becasue apparently, the ACT is in Victoria according to Foxtel.

This has been a major gripe of mine for some time, but Foxtel dont care about their customers at all.

I have taken the position that everytime they decide that the ACT is in Victoria and not NSW I will call 131999 and waste one of their call centre agent's time for 5 minutes or so. This should in the end mean that they dont actually make any money from me as a customer and probably end up losing money.

This is a disgrace and FOxtel, and the greedy greedy AFL have a lot to answer for in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I forgot to add, that therefore, the new afl broadcast rights deal wont make diddly squat difference, because according to foxtel, the act is in victoria, and victoria get all the games on free to air TV. SO we wont get the games at all. Just like now.

Call foxtel everyday until they fix it !!!!! I am going to.