Saturday, July 02, 2005

Searching for Yourself

Now, I have always been fairly careful when dealing with email addresses on the internet. I have both hotmail and gmail accounts which I use when signing up for anything where I am likely to end up with spam. Only when I trust people do I actually hand out my home or work accounts. This has served me well for a long time, until recently that is. Suddenly I started getting spam at my home account. Strange, because I have only given 5-6 people my home account, and all of these people can be trusted.

Now, Every so often, I find myself wondering how many people read my blog. I find the easiest way to check is just to do a search in google, and see how many hits I get. This has proven to be quite fun. Funnily enough, this has never shown up any links to my mail accounts other than hotmail or gmail.

After reading this article on SMH I decided to try MSN to see how it has come along. So I entered my name, as I always do with google "Eddie de Bear" (With the quotes) and hit search. You can imagine my horror when I discovered the first site returned was infact a list of contacts that someone had carelessly entered into a public sharepoint site. I have not linked to the list, as I think it's probably wise that the person responsible removes the WHOLE list, before anybody else gets upset...

It looks like I have not infact been as careful as I should have been.

Anyway, the person responsible has been emailed, and asked to remove my details, and possibly even secure the site, not that it's gonna make much difference, as the account listed has now been replaced...

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